Primeval the ancestor by pristichampsus-d5kqn1a

Many people who said they seen the creature said that the creature looked like this. Could it be a species of bat that became completely flightless after living in Hawaii for millions of years? Could it be a creature sent by Satan? Could it be just a hoax to scare people? Or could it be an alien from outer space? All of these are just guesses.

The bat creature of Hawaii is a flightless bat-like carnivorous mammal cryptid that is sighted on all Hawaii islands. It is said that this creature hunts and kills ducks, geese, cats (introduced), dogs (introduced), pigs (introduced), mongooses (introduced), wallabies (introduced), and sometimes humans.

Deaths On Lost TapesEdit

  • 3 mongooses
  • 8 wallabies
  • 5 wild pigs
  • 1 stray dog
  • 11 geese
  • 4 unknown innocent people
  • 2 police officers
  • Johann Warbler
  • Quint Shades
  • Canary Wheeler