The Beast Of Marysville

Some people have drew this illustration of the Beast Of Marysville, it looks nothing like anything that belongs in California. Could it possibly be a California brown bear that is thought to be extinct? Could it be a species of chalicothere that survived and became carnivorous? Could a species of wolf came to California and evolved to walk on its back legs? Could it be a powerful form of a werewolf? Could it be a creature sent by satan? Or could it be an alien from outer space? All of these are just guesses.

The Beast Of Marysville is a chalicothere-like, werewolf-like, carnivorous mammal cryptid that is said to be living in and around Marysville, California. The only evidence some hikers and other explorers have are fur samples, footprints, photographs, and some bones.


In the year 1873, some people had started to report creatures that were about 7 to 8 feet tall, looking like half bears and half wolves. They were reported to have killed and fed on fish, reptiles, smaller mammals, deer, goat, and sometimes dogs, cats, and humans. Ever since these sightings, recent sighting have also occured. Could such creature exist?

Killed In Lost TapesEdit

  • Dennis Micheal
  • Kelly Johnson
  • Adam Smithers
  • Rick Alexson
  • Amy Percy