The Artist's Illustration of the Beast of Bray Road.

The beast of Bray Road is very similar to that of an werewolf, Except that there is no Recorded sightings of it "Shifting" Info a Monster like wolf however They are described as Werewolf like creatures with Gray hair, Long pointy ears, A snout and claws and witnesses claim that they stand 4 Feet on all four while other witnesses claim they stand at least 7 Feet tall on Two with a very muscular build and seem to be slightly hunched over in some accounts.

Sightings however, May have a clue as to what it is because this Beast has not just Been spotted near this is county road but also near other places where similar encounters occur. It is indeed a popular that the Michigan Dogman is possibly of the same species as this creature.

However During 1987 when a mass hysteria about this creature arose.