Boar Beast

Many people have said that the boar beast looked like this. Could it be a wild boar that mutated to resemble a reptilian creature? Could it be a pachycephalosaur that survived extinction and became fully quadrupedal and mostly carnivorous? Or could it be an alien from outer space? All of these are just guesses.

The boar beast is a reptile-like boar-like cryptid that is said to inhabit forests, grasslands, savannahs, scrublands, and deserts of California, Nevada, Arizona, Oregon, and other parts of the western USA. It is said to be mostly carnivorous, but can feed on berries to supplement its diet. The only evidence that the people who reported to have seen the creature are footprints, saliva and scale samples, and photographs.

Deaths On Lost TapesEdit

  • Samson Kari
  • Percy Mathew Jackson
  • Tigger Martin
  • James Lacey
  • Percy's pet rabbit
  • An unknown stray dog
  • Unknown person in a cow costume