Lupine Ortha

Many people who said they seen the creature said that the creature looked like this. Could it be a species of hedgehog that grew to gigantic proportions and became predatory? Could it be a creature sent by Satan? Could it be just a hoax to scare people? Or could it be an alien from outer space? All of these are just guesses.

Lupine Ortha is a gigantic hedgehog-like carnivorous mammal that is said to haunt New Zealand, where the hedgehogs were introduced. It is said that this creature can hunt and kill native birds, cattle, horses, sheep, goats, dogs, cats, bats, and even humans.

Deaths On Lost TapesEdit

  • 7 cattle
  • 1 horse
  • 81 sheep
  • 6 goats
  • 1 unknown large bird (possibly one of the surviving moas of present times)
  • An unknown male police officer
  • Darwin Moulfon
  • Sherry Wright
  • Angel Morton
  • Zander Micheale