Primeval tunnel fiend by pristichampsus-d5jmgnv

Many people who said they have seen the creature said the creature looked like this. Could it be just a hallucinations/mass hysteria? Could it be a mole that grew to gigantic size and start hunting larger mammals? Could it be a creature sent by Satan? Or could it be an alien from outer space? All of these are just guesses.

The tunnel creature is a large carnivorous mammal cryptid that is said to live in almost all tunnel systems, sewer systems, and caves of North America. It is said that it's known to kill cattle, sheep, goats, dogs, cats, and humans that go into tunnel systems, sewer systems, and caves.

Deaths On Lost TapesEdit

  • 4 goats
  • 9 sheep
  • 2 stray dogs
  • A stray cat
  • 6 unknown innocent people
  • 3 sewer workers
  • Darwin Alexander
  • Florence Andy
  • Tiffany Jacobs
  • Earl Flash

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